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Why Guerrilla HR?

I often get asked, why Guerrilla HR? Guerrilla HR is inspired by the concept of guerrilla warfare. Guerrilla warfare is a method in which small irregular groups fight against larger established forces. The tactics used are fast and small.

We need to apply the same principles to Human Resources. Our workforce, social responsibility, and environment are constantly changing, and employers need to be able to evaluate and change just as quickly. Don’t get me wrong, there is certainly a place for policies and procedures to drive compliance. I love compliance work. However, we need the ability to identify when a practice is not working and change it, instead of just accepting that is how we’ve always done it.

I have also been the HR person on site, responsible for the needs of both the organization and the employees. I have been there to celebrate successes and figure out what went wrong with the failures. I know firsthand that some days my fellow HR practitioners feel like they are in the trenches of battle!

Though the phrase “war for talent” is so cliché, employers really are in fierce competition to get the best employees. I get so much satisfaction helping organizations evaluate and revamp their total rewards offerings, especially pay, in order to create a win-win for the company and employees. It feels so great when I hear that changes to the comp philosophy or newly created market drive pay ranges are working to attract and retain employees.


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