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Guerrilla HR - Human Resources Consultant
Guerrilla HR - Human Resources Consultant

Human Resources Consultant


Tap into our expert guidance to ensure compliance and efficient management of human resources.

Develop HR strategies aligned with your goals.

At Guerrilla HR, we provide guidance on HR compliance and best practices, employee performance, and employee relations issues. Through our extensive hands on experience and compliance knowledge, we offer practical real world solutions and facilitate discussions on HR trends, best practices, and compliance.


Our HR Audit Process

If you don’t know what you need, an HR audit is a great place to start. 


The purpose of the audit is to evaluate compliance in your HR operations.  I will start by gathering general information about your organization.  While there are many HR best practices for all companies, there are several regulations that are driven by headcount.  A customized checklist of items to be reviewed will be provided.


The Audit

During the audit I will ask questions and request to view evidence of policies and practices.  The audit includes a broad range of HR functions including pre-employment, hiring, compensation, benefits, employee relations, safety, record keeping, and postings.  This portion of the audit may occur on site or virtually if there is not a physical location.  The audit is normally completed in one day.


Final Report

After the audit occurs a report of findings will be shared during a closing meeting.  Deficiencies will be identified and explained, and recommendations for an action plan will be provided.  This may occur on site or virtually.

Let us help you stay compliant.

Tell us where you are in your HR journey.

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