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Compensation Consultant


As a Compensation Advisor, we ensure your organization's compensation strategy remains fair, competitive, and compliant.

Compensation Services

Trust the experts to implement and design a compensation plan that fits your business goals and employees.

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Gain insights into your organizational goals and total rewards strategy. I can assist in creating a strategy  evaluating your market position and desired compensation approach.

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Benchmark Data

Not all data is equal. I gather benchmark data from reliable and statistically sound employer-reported resources to help you develop your compensation philosophy.

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Pay Equity Analysis

With pay equity being a prominent concern, I can help conduct thorough analyses to detect any disparities based on gender and/or race and ethnicity.

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Redesign the framework and system your organization uses to determine the compensation levels for your employees to create consistency and fairness and to provide employees a clear path for career advancement.

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Compression Issue Models

Tackle salary compression models for equity in today's employment landscape. I can develop effective models to handle compression challenges and maintain equity.

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Expert Compensation Advice

From pay ranges to incentive plans, I provide adaptable tools  and guidance for a relevant and up-to-date compensation strategy that account for fluctuations in the cost of labor

Working With the Best Clients

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Your Expert in Compensations & HR

Becky K. Drozdz (MBA, CCP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP) is a Compensation and HR Consultant with over 20 years of experience advising small to mid-sized companies on job analysis and documentation, conducting market studies, creating salary structures, and performing equity analysis for employers and workers.

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Refine your compensation strategy and acquire superior talent.

Tell us where you are in your compensation journey.

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